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“Our work is our message.”  The theme for this year is the “The Road."  Youth will have the opportunity to walk along the road in Jesus shoes as they serve others in his name.  They will have first hand experince of his life and minisitries as his mission for us is to love others as he loved us.


Group Workcamp is a Jesus-centered mission experience where high school students connect with Christ, their own youth group members as well as youth from other churches across the country.  The youth get a chance to learn or hone their hands-on home repair skills by working on the homes of deserving families.  This year they were among 350 people at the camp who served on 56 crews at 43 worksites and a combination of over 10,000 hours of community service.  They repaired roofs, built decks and handicapped-accessible ramps, painted the interior and exterior of homes, and completed dry-wall repairs.  Students work in teams composed of representatives from MCPUMC and other churches.

One of the big benefits of Group Workcamp experience is meeting and working with other Christians who are walking the same faith journey and realizing that MCPUMC is a part of a larger group of servants.   The work they do for the families is just half of the experience of the trip.  The other is the opportunity to deepen their relationship with Christ.  Each evening campers participate in a lively program that includes videos, a live band, dancing, a message, and an activity to encourage students to examine their faith.  Before work each morning there is devotion time with music that introduces the faith topic for the day.  During lunch breaks, each work team gathers for additional devotions.  Of course there is plenty of fun time for socializing in the evenings with all the campers.  This includes outdoor field games, card and board games, or ice cream runs to the local creamery.  All in all, Group Workcamp is a mission trip combined with all the benefits of a spiritual retreat.

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